Top Peer Reviewer Award (International) in 2018

Research Lead Dr. Azizur Rahman won the top Peer Reviewer Award as an expert international reviewer in 2018, see his medal from @publons Peer Review Awards: 

Keynote Speech

Dr. Rahman was invited as a Keynote Speaker at the 12th International Congress on Microbial Interaction and Applications of Beneficial Microbes, Germany, see hereKeynote topic: Global Climate Change and Microbial Interaction in Agri-Aquaculture: Current Research and Future Trends. Published: Applied Microbiology 2017, 3:2 (Suppl). 

Editor for International Journal

Dr. Rahman is currently serving as an Editor for Marine Drugs for the *Special Issue* "Collagen from Marine Biological Source and Medical Applications", see here

Publication in drug discovery

A hot paper in the medical applications of natural biological sources, recently published by Dr. Rahman, see here  

New discovery

Our Research Lead Dr. Rahman discovered a molecule which can protect the organism from the negative effect of global climate change. This molecule is also useful for bone regeneration in the human body. Article published in Scientific Reports (Nature), see here

New technology

How marine organisms defy their environment. Dr. Rahman recently led a Research Team and discovered a new protein, which can determine the mineral formation with some species in the sea. This discovery was attracted by the media, on the news around the world, Journal’s newsUniversity’s newsScience daily, and among others,  100+ news. Published in the International Journal