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Dr. Rahman award winner

Cover image for the book "Marine Skeletal Biopolymers and Proteins, and Their Biomedical Application"

The CCCR would like to thank MP Yasmin Ratansi and Dr. Rahman for speaking at our closing ceremony 2021! Our team is feeling very inspired to take on leadership roles within the environmental sector on a national and international level!

The COVID-19 Treatment by Marine Sponge’s Bromotyrosines

One of our advisors - Prof. Hermann Ehrlich discovered a marine substance that can inhibit the new Coronavirus pathogen. See the press release.

Reduce GHG Emissions Through Urban Organic Agriculture

Our approach is to develop new technologies to produce agricultural products without using any synthetic fertilizers and pesticides...

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Carbon Capture and Use, an Innovative Approach

CO2 is not our enemy. We could use them for our benefit...

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Pest-Free Fruits - Control the Pest in Agri-Foods

Our innovative organic biotechnology replaces harmful pesticides with organic pesticides.

May 10th, we welcomed onboard our new team for the summer! Thanks to this group of punctual and hardworking people.