Dr. Azizur Rahman is the Research Lead, President and CEO of the Centre for Climate Change Research and for A.R Environmental Solutions. He explores a wide range of research interests that include organic agriculture, global climate change, biotechnology & human health, biodiversity, ocean & marine biology, urban air pollution, food waste management and wastewater treatment.

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Climate Change research with Marine resources

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Research Team

Simron Puri

Research Associate

Mateo Arcos

Research Assistant

Benjamin Kemp

Remote Sensing Application Specialist

  Sima Teimourianmotlag

GIS Technician (Freelancer)

Prietha Thavakumaran

Research Assistant

Chengyuan (Amy) Chu

Research Assistant

Ashmanie Brijmohan

Research Associate

Siqi (Maggie) Huang

Research Assistant

Eleanor Koh

Research Assistant

Nour Khalil

Research Associate

Zhixuan (Amy) Zhu

Account Assistant

Gabby Pirvu

Research Assistant

Rameesha Rehmani

Research Assistant

Esther Somander

Program Relationship Manager

Saman Zubair

Environmental Chemist

Angela Chow

Environmental Biologist

Sethulakshmi Pradeep

GIS Technologist

Ramanpreet Kaur

Environmental Biologist

Jade Arsenault Lewis

Environmental Biologist

Manomi Koroth

Data Analyst

Uday Dave

Research Associate

Hiral Patel

Research Associate

Parnian Baharlouei

Research Associate

Jane Li

Research Assistant

Trishanaa Basskaram

Research Assistant

Linh Que Pham

Research Assistant

Helen Lee

Research Assistant

Sarah Geahchan

Research Associate

Laboratory Team

Summer Program Team 2022

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