The Centre for Climate Change Research was established to conduct research in the field of climate change and the environment to resolve the problems by developing new technologies. The CCCR is focused on carbon capture and it is used by applying the biological processes, an innovative approach that will convert CO2 into valuable and useful products for everyday life. New techniques will be able to reduce global CO2 emissions by 60% and stimulate a high-value of the annual market for at least 15 CO2-based products. We conduct the programs by awarding R&D funding from various national and international sources.

We have a diverse partnerships program around the world including, universities, private companies, research bodies, global corporations, and non-government organizations.

Researchers involved with this Center are internationally renowned experts in the environmental field. We have an advisory board and the members of the board are eminent worldwide.

The CCCR has three branches:
(1) Toronto (Head Office)
(2) Mississauga
(3) Lemington (Tomato Capital of Canada)

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