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  • One of our advisors - Prof. Hermann Ehrlich discovered a marine substance that can inhibit the new Coronavirus pathogen...

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Global climate change is currently the most problematic issue in the world and this problem must be resolved soon. The CCCR conducts research in the field of environment and climate change. Our research center is dedicated to resolving the environment and climate change problems by developing new technologies. In addition to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the CCCR applies newly developed technologies to produce valuable CO2 based products which are useful in daily life.

Our Approach

Our approaches are innovative and based on the evidence from our R&D results. The beauty of our R&D is that we do not use any synthetic chemicals for product development. Instead, we perform biological processes that are completely organic. Our goal is to develop new technologies to capture and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by performing biological processes and use them for producing beneficial compounds for human health. New techniques will be able to reduce global CO2 emissions by 60%.

Research Fields

We conduct challenging research in the multidisciplinary fields which are related to the environment and climate change. To learn more, browse the images below in each field.


Action on COVID-19:

New Coronavirus (COVID-19) Treatment by Marine Sponge's Bromotyrosines. See the press release here for the latest result.

What's happening under the sea? See the news here.

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